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GA questions

OK, it's just over a month until I get to see U2 - I've got GA tickets for both the London shows - so it's time to start planning properly. This will be the first time I've done the GA thing, so I have a few questions for those of you who are more experienced at it!  Bear in mind these will be UK stadium shows, so I need to know the specifics of how that's likely to work - it might be a totally different setup from US / arena gigs. Though obviously any general queueing tips are welcome!

I'm really keen to get a spot at the rail (whether I'm inside the ellipse or not), so I plan to be hardcore and line up in the early hours of the morning for both gigs. Unless I change my mind when the time comes, this means I probably won't be going anywhere near a bed after the first gig - it'll be a case of trying to get a couple of hours' sleep in the GA line.

So, questions...

1) Any tips for how to sleep comfortably outside a stadium, without the use of a sleeping bag or any kind of bedding (as I can't exactly lug such things around with me during the concert)?

2) At some point in between the two shows, I'm gonna want to have a shower and get changed, which means nipping back to the hotel. It's a 15 minute train ride each way, so this would probably mean disappearing for about an hour altogether - can you get away with leaving the GA line for that long, or would that be pushing my luck?

3) I'd really like to try and meet the band at some point during the weekend. I don't think the finding-their-hotel thing is really an option, so it'd have to be either when they arrive or when they leave the stadium. What are my best chances?  I've heard conflicting stories about when they tend to leave - some reckon it's straight away, some say it's worth hanging around for a couple of hours. On the other hand, trying to catch them on the way in sounds even harder - surely you'd have to wait for ages as there's no telling when they'd arrive, and wouldn't you risk losing your spot in the GA line while you were on this mission?  How do you figure out where the right entrance is, anyway?

4) Since you can't take large bags into the shows, I plan to buy some kind of bum-bag type thing to keep my essential items in. But I need to know what those essential items are, so I can ensure I get something the right size! Obviously I'll need my tickets, money, hotel key, comb + mirror... what else?  If it's really hot I might stick one of those mini-fans in as well. I just hope it won't rain... I suppose I should take a cheap plastic mac to London and just leave it in the hotel room if the forecast is good...

5) Is there likely to be a certain time of day when we should definitely be in line (e.g. due to numbers / wristbands / whatever being handed out)?

6) Food and drink tips?  How much / what kind of stuff should I bring with me?  I'll probably want to avoid eating and drinking too much, considering toilet breaks will be pretty much impossible once we're inside the stadium (which will be hours before the show even starts). :/  But I'm also aware of how hungry I can get when I'm bored!

7) Is it worth getting ear plugs, or do people generally not bother?  I'm just slightly concerned about the loudness factor, being right at the front, for two nights in a row. But I don't particularly want to wear them unless it's strongly recommended.

8) I am five foot tall; how much would I be able to see from different parts of the floor?  If I was lucky enough to get into the ellipse, I quite like the idea of standing somewhere along the walkway (chance of extreme Bono closeness!), but would I still have a decent view of the main stage from out there?  Conversely, if I stood right near the main stage would I be missing out on all kinds of fun at the tip of the walkway?

Ummmm... anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance!!
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