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Vertigo//2005 tour program

So I went to the 5.9 Chicago show and finally lost my U2 virginity. Yay! :-) (Full report here)

But I actually just wanted to mention one part of merch that I was quite impressed with: the tour program. A lot of programs are just pictures, but this one includes interviews, cool artwork, just a lot of stuff. It's a work of art really. And because I love me some Bono so much, I wanted to share a few of his ever-amusing and enlightening insights for anyone who cares to read them. Oh, and there's some stuff from Edge too. :-)

Bono on the mood of Vertigo:
The album ends in quite an ecstatic place, so we wanted to start off with a little bit of electric shock treatment, and it's a club and you're supposed to be having the time of your life but you want to kill yourself. It's a light little ditty.

Was How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb a difficult album to make? ...We were getting close to it, right up next to it, you could almost smell it, you could just about kiss it, but you couldn't get your lips to it.

Is HTDAAB a rock and roll album?
No. When we first went into the studio it was mad, it was like the MC5, The Stooges, just rifferama, Edge with a stick of dynamite up his hole, just going off. He was pissed off with something, I don't know what it was... probably me. It was really powerful rock and roll, and Edge is much more Zen, much more monkish, much more ethereal. So to see him with this amount of metal in his system was an amazing thing.

Edge on Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
...As a tune we always thought, if we got it right, it was going to be a big song, and now I think it could be a massive song, simply because it's a complete song. There's nothing but pure melody there, there's no fat, nothing you'd lose. It's just one of those great lyrics, those great ideas, that I think is going to connect with people. Everyone can relate to it. It's got a universal aspect that will connect.

I absolutely love this song--it's the background of my LJ, for pete's sake--so hearing Bono's thoughts on it gave me a little thrill. And his explanation of it just confirmed what I already thought, making me love it all the more. :-)
Bono on Original Of The Species
Original Of The Species is a very special song for me, it's a beautiful, melodic journey... It's about seeing some people who are ashamed of their bodies, in particular teenagers with eating disorders, not feeling comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. I'm just saying to them, you are one of a kind, you are the first one of your kind, you're an original of the species... "You feel like no one before, you steal right under my door, I kneel 'cause I want you some more, I want the lot of what you've got, and I want nothing that you're not, everywhere you go you shout it, you don't have to be shy about it." So it's a "be who you are," and I can't wait to play it live. Edge plays some extraordinary piano which got the complexity to the verses, to balance that anthem.

Bono on Love And Peace Or Else
...It sounded like the end of the world, this subterranean bass and glam-rock, day-glo, gospel melody, "Lay down, lay down your guns, all your daughters of Zion, all ye Abraham sons." A preacher-type character, cracked but making some sense. It's like the Fly went to the seminary to become a priest and ended up in this song... something like that.

Bono on kicking the shit out of each other
...If the record disappears down the toilet, never registers on the charts and people say U2 have had their time, they can fuck off now, we still know we've made a great record, and we're feeling very good about each other, because we're rough on each other, we kick the shit out of each other, pushing each other to be great, because in the end you can't live like we live. We're living it large, we've got great places, houses, we don't have the worries a lot of people have. The one part of the deal we can't blow is being crap, and I think we've kept our end of the deal.

PS: Anyone at the 5.10 show know if they did anything special on account of Bono's bday? Apologies if this has been covered already. If so, I missed it. Thanks!
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