F-bomb (_palepurple) wrote in u2,

Live Aid

I just need to share this.

I was watching parts of the Live Aid DVD I got for my birthday earlier. Oh my god, is it amazing. But the part that made me practically lose it was when they were all singing "Do they know it's Christmas" and Freddie Mercury put his arm around Bono. Seriously for me that was like moons aligning, I lost and it and teared up. Both of them are such inspirations to me and have such beautiful voices. I was pretty much brought up on them.

It also made me think...besides the fact that I wish Freddie were still alive and he totally didn't deserve to be taken from this earth at such a young age, Freddie would have done a great job if he were to cover a U2 song. Even if he and Bono did a duet, too, I'm sure it would be beautiful. Their voices would meld so well.

What does everyone else think?
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