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I wrote this WHOLE entry out and it got lost so I’m typing it in Word. Ill get as far as I can…


Went to the show Thursday at the United Center. Very Nice venue. Me and my girlfriend sat in the 3rd row of Club Level, behind the stage. Amazing seats.


Kings of Leon was better than most people say. Far Far from U2, but still good. Bucket and that song from the commercial were good. Some of the songs were iffy or sounded too much like all the rest. Still I thought they were really good.


U2 had been playing close to the same set for the last few nights so I knew what to expect but they played a totally different set on Thursday.


They opened with Vertigo instead of Love and Peace of Blinding Lights. Vertigo was amazing. I still say it is better live then on the CD. More emotion in the live version than you can put in the studio. Amazing song and performance.


All Because of You was next. Again amazing. One of my favorite U2 songs from the time I got HTDAAB. I probably like it more than Vertigo. The lyrics really get me.


Elevation-Rachel’s (my girlfriend if you’re reading this in the U2 community) favorite performance. Crowd was super into it. So glad it made it onto this tour’s set list. Fantastic performance.


Gloria-Wow. I’m sure a lot of casual to semi-serious U2 fans may have not heard this song but it is one of my absolute favorites. U2 blew the roof off the place. Best performace of the night to date.


The Ocean-short. Bono tried to remember the club in Chicago they first played this song at when they first came to Chicago.Somebody told him. Can’t remember the name myself though. If you ask me, after Vertigo,ABOY,Elevation, and Gloria, The Ocean is a great song to bring the crowd back down some.


Beautiful Day-Not one of my fav U2 songs but it was made to be played live. Great performance. Bono strolled the ellipse for the first time at night.


Miracle Drug-again I’m iffy about this song. The stage lighting was amazing. U2 did a great job. Crowd seemed really into this song considering it’s new and not a single (yet). The song has really grown on me.


Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own-Awesome! The lightwall came down with the walking man. This song was one of my favorites from the day I got the album. I know a lot of people draw different meanings from this song and in a way I really relate a lot of the lyrics to me and Rachel’s relationship so it meant a lot for me to be there listening to it with her.


Love and Peace-Great! No lightwall though. The drums on the tip of the ellipse was awesome. Crowd was really into it.


Sunday Bloody Sunday-song started out with Bono banging on the drums at the top of the ellipse. Towards the end he had the blindfold over his eyes searching for the mic. Crowd was SUPER into it.


Bullet in the Blue Sky-Wow! The lightwall fighter jet was amazing. Bono interceded the song with When Johnny comes marching home and hands that built America.


Running to stand still-Bono dedicated the song to some Soldiers from a nearby Military Base. Not my fav song but still good. Kinda slow.


City of Blinding Lights-YES! I was waiting for this song. Amazing song. Reminds me of Rach. Confetti fell and the lightwall was fantastic. Amazing performance.


Pride-Great song. Kinda led into the One performance section of the show. Crowd sang along the whole song.


Where the Streets have No Name-Amazing altogether. The lightwall, Edges guitar, and especially Bonos lyrics. Perfect.


One-Once again amazing. This song can’t not be. One of the highlights of the night.


The first encore began and a slot machine thing came up. It showed pics of the lemon head and other things such as a captured sadam, Michael Jackson, GWB, and Bill Clinton. When it hit all lemon heads the band came out and began Until the End of the World. I went apeshit because this is MY #1 FAVORITE U2 song and basically they haven’t done it this whole tour. Bono had on the police cap and Edge strolled the elipse. WOW. Tore the roof off the UC. Best performance of the night IMHO


Next was The Fly. Again amazing. The light wall flashed the usual Achtung lingo and it felt like Zoo TV all over again.


Next was Mysterious Ways. I must say it is a lot better live than on the album. Ever since I got the slane dvd Ive felt this way. VERY good.


They finished off the first encore with With of without you. It’s my girlfriend’s favorite song. Bono brought a girl on stage and hugged her. Great song.


The second encore started with Yahweh. Great song off the new album.


Next was Bad I was surprised with this. It was interceded with Norwegian Wood, Sexual Healing, and 40. Amazing version overall. Bad is the perfect song to end the concert on. Bono brought out that night that they used during Bullet in the Blue sky on the Slane dvd and shone it over the audience. Absolutly perfect.









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