muffinslinger (muffinslinger) wrote in u2,

philly tips

ok, caught U2 in philly last night and i'm still high as a kite, everyone who's waiting- oh man are they going to knock your socks off. blows elevation out of the water. any way i've got some philly tips. getting a camera in should be easy. i set the metal detectors off and the guard just waved me threw with a have a good show. biggest tip is: park in center city philly. i parked at the independence mall area and took the subway out to the arena. why do such a thing? you've got 20,000 people all getting in their cars and hitting the road at one time, traffic is unreal. take the subway in and out, you totally avoid all the frustration. don't bother with kings of leon. water was running $3.50, beer was $5.50. usual mile long line at the ladies room. oh yeah look for the M+M hand outs- free chocolate bars.
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