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Original Of The Species

I've really fallen in love with this song in the last couple of days.. well I only heard it for the first time the other day, so it didn't take me long ;P

First I have a bit of a query about the lyrics.

At the repetitive bit toward the end is transcribed as just "didit"s. Which I suppose makes sense, and it does sound like "didit", but to me it also sounds like "beauty", which would fit the theme of the song.
Thought I'd just get some opinions on the didit/beauty debate. Though regardless, I think I'll keep believeing it's "beauty" because that makes me happy =D

Moving on to a more general discussion of the song. The line "I'll give you everything you want, except the thing that you want" seems a bit funny on the outside, as it totally contradicts itself, but I get it. And it reminds me of my father.
My dad has told me he would do anything for me, and he would. But one thing he never seems to do is the thing I often want quite a bit. He won't ignore me. Because no matter how much I might want to be ignored, I guess he knows I don't need to be ignored.
So in that sense the lyric makes perfect sense to me. It's giving someone everything they want, except the thing they want but you know they don't need.
I really had trouble putting all that into words, I hope I made sense.

Anyhow, this song has accomplished that goal. I'm one of those young people it was written for. A twenty year old lost child that often: thinks she deserves to be ignored, tries to be invisible, and doesn't know who she is, etc.
But this song has accomplished it's goal. When I listen to it, it makes me happy. But more than that, it does make me confident, it makes me love who I am. I love this song!

Once again I got a late start getting to bed, because I was watching a movie with my sister. After getting in bed, I was trying to read, but gave up because I couldn't get Original Of The Species out of my head, and I wanted to listen to it really bad. I usually listen to music while falling asleep anyway, so I gave up on the book, turned off the lights, and put on the CD.
Instead of letting it play, I just kept playing OOTS over and over again. And it was making me damned hyper and happy. I wanted to dance*.
(*Note: What I do is not really dancing as most people dance, it's more like.. free-spirited interpretive dance. I just move with the music, let it take me wherever it takes me, and put whatever emotions I'm feeling into physical movement)
So I found myself dancing gleefully in the middle of my room at 4 AM listening to Original Of The Species. Eyes closed, half smiling widely, half lip synching, spinning with my arms out.
Ok, now you guys know how big of a geek I am. But I don't care =D I'm proud!
Let's just blame Bono! HE MADE ME DO IT!

(Forgive the insanity.)

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