Wydok (wydok) wrote in u2,

The US military ... running to stand still?

In the current tour, Love and Peace or Else is presented pretty much the way I interpretted the song: Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all the same and should live in peace.

My question for the community at large is how do you interpet the rest of the songs in the current "Heart of Darkness"-esque section of the Vertigo Tour. Sunday Bloody Sunday was originally about the Northern Ireland conflicts, and Running To Stand Still was written about Heroin addicts in the slums of Dublin.

But now, both of those songs are carrying a different message, and I was wonderring if anyone could help interpreting. I think U2 are using both as a statement about the Iraqi conflict. Dedicating Running to Stand Still to the men and women of the military? I'm not sure I get it.
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