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Discotheque icon

I decided I needed a new U2 icon, and that I wanted a mini-movie icon, but I didn't know what from.
The answer came to me while laying in bed listening to my iPod (just the U2 music though, I keep trying to listen to other artists, but when I do I just wish I was listening to U2, so I give up) and Discotheque came on. So I was laying there listening and picturing the video when I decided that I must make an icon from it.
So I got right out of bed to work on it. Because I'm strange like that.

**points at icon** Tada! Free for the taking, just credit me.

In other news, I was watching Oz and some guy had on a tie with fat red and black diagonal stripes, I pointed to the TV and said "That is such a Vertigo tie."
Though really the correct term would be a 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb tie' but close enough =P

U2 is taking over my life. Not that I mind of course =P
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