burning star (splishysplashy) wrote in u2,
burning star

Newbie + some questions!

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here *waves nervously* I'm from Scotland and I'm 21! :) Oh and my name's Kat, lol, knew I'd forgotten some kind of important detail... Typical me! I'll keep this more on-topic and ask a few random questions of you nice people :D

For people who have been to the gigs already and bought a T-shirt: what kind of sizes do they do? I'm going in June to Manchester and I really want a T-shirt but I want to get the right size and wondered if anybody had a decent idea. I know that's a bit random but hey. ;)

Oh and for people who have been to the gigs, what time to they come on stage? I think my friends want to go earlyish anyway but we have seats so it doesn't really matter. I'm just curious as to the time-scale and stuff. I'm so excited, never seen them live before!

What's your fave song at the moment? Mine are probably Mysterious Ways and Numb, I just can't stop going back and putting them on again.

I had something else... Oh yeah! Has anyone here got the Passengers album? I've been thinking about getting it because I'm fascinated by the clips of songs I've heard (admittedly not very many or long clips but still) and just wanted to know if it's worth getting. I want something a bit different and I've read good reviews.

Thanks and hope to chat to some people soon!

Kat x
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