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Dodgy U2 cover band

As requested, some tracks from a U2 cover band who's CD you'll find on sale in UK supermarkets. Some the covers are ok, but caution is advised! Apparently they've got a second volume out! I bought my copy about 8 years ago. Not so sure I'll be rushing out to get the 2nd volume..

If anything you'll get a laugh out of them!!

Pride (In The Name Of Love) 3MB

With Or Without You 4MB

I Still Haven't Found 4MB

Angel Of Harlem 3MB

The Fly 4MB


If any of you are desperate to hear the rest of the tunes, give me a shout. I've got TUF, Streets, Desire, AIWIY, EBTTRT, UTEOTW, WGRYWH & WLCTT. Tho somehow I dont think any of you will. :-D
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