Puerto Rican Jane (carobanano) wrote in u2,
Puerto Rican Jane

NJ 1

So, was anyone here at the NJ show last night? (May 17th) It was my first show, and just....really really fucking brilliant! But anyways, did you see the lead singer of The Unforgettable Fire? They're a tribute band, and the lead singer looks uncannily like Bono. Before the gates opened my friends and I were standing around, staring at him and wondering. We knew he couldn't be Bono, but still...it was weird! He kept looking back at us and grinning. Eventually a couple who got their picture taken with him said that he was the lead singer of the tribute band Unforgettable Fire. We thanked them and tried to resist staring some more. I wonder how he sounds!

And sadly, that was better entertainment than Kings of Leon.
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