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Meeting Bono and The Edge in NJ 5/18

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I got to CAA at 1pm and it is EMPTY. I wander around to see where the guys do a meet greet thing. This is not a fun thing to do alone - but I met 2 Zootopians who were headed the same way and followed me to where the directions lead. I put on my homemade ONE shirt that I wore last night, who knows?

Meadowlands Security hated us. U2 staff was smiling and waving. There were three of us moved to the otherside of the gate and almost told to leave. three more people show up.

We're told they are not coming by security and to go back when.....

Bono's truck drives by.

I barely realize he did. About 30 seconds later a guy comes up and says that Bono will come back up.

All I can think is "I am going to meet Bono!"

Bono's truck comes back up but before I see Bono....around the corner comes The Edge!

We're told no photos or autographs...

Yeah right.

Edge starts signing and Bono comes over to shake hands....I think I was the was very quiet...I said Thank you and he moved along....

I shake hand with The Edge and ask for a pic "sure"


Now at this point Bono is at the other end (about 6 feet from me) signing things when he looks up and sees me, just looking. He tilts his head to the side and starts

My brain is going Why?

As if he is drawn to me and needs to come back to me, he just starts, without asking or saying anything, to come over to me with the Sharpie and proceeds to sign my ONE shirt -- for more info on the deal with the shirt -- (with what I now know as a flower) look at me and go "cool."

I ask him for a picture and where he would say "sure" for others and such, we turn and he pulls me in without saying anything.

pic taken.

Me - "Thank you."
Bono - "Thank you."

I can't even begin to explain what I feel but for a woman in NJ who saw U2 for the first time Tuesday night on her turf, then meets Bono and The Edge on her's beyond words.


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