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I put this in my journal too but who cares because it is so freakin sweet. :)

Bad Religion, Good Save
Toronto Sun, March 16, 2002

Kiernan Grant

Twenty-two years with punk band Bad Religion hasn't loosened Greg Hetson's grip on reality.

"I don't believe one band can change the world," the guitarist told the Sun in a recent interview in advance of his band's show at Kool Haus tomorrow night.

"U2 cannot save the world," he added, referring to Time magazine's recent Can Bono Save The World? cover. "That's ridiculous. But I don't think U2 are fakes."

The veteran punk rocker added that he was impressed to find that much out recently.

"Some friends of mine got screwed out of some tickets after flying to San Francisco to see a U2 concert," he recalled. "Y'know, their little girl was in tears because U2 was her favourite band. Somehow my friend knew somebody in management and got a letter to Bono. Next time U2 came to L.A. Bono picked her daughter up in a limo, took her to church, and then took her to the show. This 12-year-old girl, he was introducing her to people as his date for the evening. It made me feel that there are huge superstars out there who do care about their fans."

© Toronto Sun, 2002.

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