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5/20 Good Morning America

Ok, it just went off. I suffered through news I really didn't care to hear about, and rising murderous feelings for the local ABC affiliate's weatherwoman (DIE WOMAN DIE!) to see my precious U2.

My favourite bit of the interview was the quote someone had said about Adam "The easiest to watch of the sheep that go astray" (or something like that... maybe it was "the most watchful"? I'm open to corrections). And his response was like "Who said that? Who uses language like that?" (again, unsure of the exact wording) but it just amused me, it was a 'who the hell talks like that?!' moment. Adam is Love.
Also, Larry doesn't mind people thinking he's hot. =D

As for the performances themselves, Vertigo was about as I expected. I loved the "More people in Chicago speak Irish than Spanish" bit at the beginning though.

Beautiful Day was beautiful of course =P
My sister, who was sleeping on the couch for some reason woke up right after it started, and looked at the TV and then looked at me and said "What is this?" and I responded simply "Good Morning America". Beautiful Day is one of her favourite U2 songs (and she's not really a fan) so she sat up and watched it with me.
Again, the end was great "It's a beautiful day! On my birthday!" I loved it. I love him, dammit.

And last came Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own. Now, my sister disappeared into the bathroom right after it started, which I was glad for, because when Bono reached the crescendo, I started crying. Which has happened before when watching clips of their SYCMIOYO performance at the Brooklyn Bridge concert on the VH1 special a month or so ago. It just hits me. So I sat there and kept watching it, and trying to stop crying. And I just about had stopped, when after the song he started talking about saying goodbye, and I lost it again. The studio version is emotional enough on it's own, on stage it's something else.

I believe someone... one of the anchors said there were 42 camera angles. Looks like the DVD is going to be awesome.
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