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*dies of laughter*

From the @U2 blog...

A fan recently rescued rocker Bono from death at a Seattle eatery. Unfortunately, it was the same fan who had imperiled the U2 singer in the first place. According to Star, the well-meaning civilian slapped Bono on the back and said, "I'm a big fan," just as the rock icon was taking a huge bite of fish. A choking Bono gasped for air as his dining companions gasped in horror. Luckily, the hearty greeting took a Heimlich twist when a second pat on the back from the fan dislodged the fish and sent it flying onto the next table. Surprisingly civil, the singer told the backslapping bozo, "Mate, you better leave before I throttle you." Bono, we've got to say we'd feel the same." Ah the internet age - wonder how long it will be until the fish bit shows up on ebay.
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