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Hiya. I need advice.

I'm sixteen years old, and the upcoming Detroit shows will be my first U2 shows ever.

I'm sixteen years old, and I like girls. I like a girl enough to want to take her to a Detroit show with me.

She knows I'm a U2 fan and we are friends. She tolerates the music, for sure, but she would never try and get tickets for a U2 show.

When I convince her to go with me, do we go GA? If we do, we'll make a day of having fun skipping school and waiting in line for the chance to be right in the action (and maybe they'll invite us on stage and play Sweetest Thing? I can dream!). She likes school, though, and is probably honestly a genius. She won't want to miss the day and get behind. Do I kidnap her? Is GA worth it?

Or do we get seats? Do I have less fun myself but let her enjoy her day and then enjoy the stage from a (probably expensiver) distance?

This question goes out to all the Vertigo tour veterans. Can GA make an angry and confused non-U2 fan have the time of her life? Or do I resort to the less intimate experience?
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