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"I know a girl, a girl called Party... Party Girl!"

The following is a clip from an article called Dethroning the “Guitar Gods” by G.M. from my local newspaper. I found it rather funny.

Whether they are in the number one grossing tour band in the world (à la U2), or picking out a tune in the local bar (buy me a beer next time around and I’ll insert name here), guitarists around the world are trying to find that certain riff that will inspire, entertain, captivate, and in hopes, rule over the music kingdom. However, not all our luscious heroes have such illustrious beginnings.
~*skips a few paragraphs*~
This, in point, brings us to guitarist Dave “The Edge” Evans. Of course, for formality sake, we shall just introduce him as Mr. “The Edge”. Now, like most novice guitarists, he started out in the background, filling in white noise, and creating a sound that would soon spread like wildfire throughout the punk world and delve into the very soul that is pure rock and roll. To this day, his sound resonates through many bands’ key sounds and catches.
However, he also holds the title of “All Time Cheesiest Guitar Solo in the Past Decade”. I refer you, for your listening pleasure, to none other than the obscure, fan loving song Trash Trampoline , and the Party Girl. When The Edge steps up for his solo, you expect something drastic, mind numbing, perhaps even earth shattering... instead you get a cuddle pop jingle. It makes me laugh, and I can’t help but love the song more. For a man so talented, the little ditty is rather... well, talentless. Basically, if I can play it, it’s not that special. Truly, it holds the top spot for the “what the hell was that?” questions of the guitar god pantheon.
~*skips rest of article*~

(just as a side note, this author talks frequently about U2 in his past articles and I think is quite a fan. I mean, come on! He knows the song Party Girl! In fact, if it makes you feel better, he also goes on to poke jest at Jimmy Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, and even B.B. King for bad solos. ;o) Good company if you ask me. Just found it amusing since me and my friend back home had the same “what the hell...” reaction)


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