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World Exclusive Coldplay article on Q

"What matters is trying to write the best tunes in the world. And having a picture of U2 on the wall, and trying to pump enough logs to take out the Drago[the Russian villian in Rocky IV] that is U2- that's our mission. I don't care about being big, I don't care about being famous, I care about being a streamlined fighting machine" -Chris martin

"On Tour with U2" <<< also on this issue. They review the first shows (SD, Anheim, Los Angeles(I was there!) of the Vertigo Tour. Great show pictures included and facts about the tour.

I thought it was funny and interesting that Chris Martin said that. I am a fan of Coldplay but I love U2 of course. Their new single "speed of sound" sounds awesome. Go out and get the magazine.


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