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Hi. My name's Jennifer and I'm 14 years old - I'm not new to this community, but I did change my username so I felt a short introduction was appropriate. On my old username, I didn't post much, just watching your conversations. I've been a huge U2 fan ever since I was 11, w00t. Anyway. Here's why I'm posting.
It's past news, obviously, but I have DirecTV and they have this thing called FreeView where they let people on a certain channel watch concerts without payment. Yeeeesh...So, this month, guess what, it's U2, and the concert was the surprise, free one they had under the Brooklyn bridge. I watched it. Too bad it was only an hour. They showed the people on the street as U2 rolled on by and I felt so connected with them and happy, as if I were there, and yet insanely jealous at the same time.
Just had to share that with you. I love you people. :-)
And, um, in case for some bizarre reason that you're a U2 fan and weren't a fan of this (yeah right), here's a link:

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