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Any computer wizzes out there?

A few questions:

Can someone tell my why my yahoo email allows enhanced graphics (e.g. smiley faces, different fonts) on my computer at work but not at home? It used to work. When I send fun messages, I love to play with the fonts and stuff. Do I need to fix something in my Internet Explorer at home? It's really strange since I modified it to do that on my home computer. Could there be a glitch in my computer? It's pretty outdated!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Also, this is probably a stupid question but here it goes:

Why is it taking sooooo looong for me to get messages from the u2la (yahoo group) in my email inbox? I just changed my group profile so that I can receive individual emails instead of just visiting the website. Ok, it's probably because Yahoo groups was down and maybe their just catching up on emails. But it's so ridiculous since I only received five today and those messages were actually sent yesterday. When I go to the website, I see so many new messages from today that I haven't received via email yet. I can just see it now, I'll be inundated with 100 emails tomorrow. Can you tell I'm addicted? Pretty sad isn't it. But it's fun.

Simone (who's technologically impaired at the moment)
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