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Stay Cover

Stay (Faraway So Close) - U2

Hello everyone. I should've joined this community a long time ago, being that U2 changed my life back when I first heard Achtung Baby. Actually the first CD I ever bought for a girl was Zooropa so that one has a special place in my heart too. There's something about the atmosphere of both records; almost like a sonic movie score, that really moves me more than any of U2's work. But don't get me wrong, Joshua Tree, Unforgettable Fire, and October still stand up for me and are also in constant rotation. I get to see them in September in Chicago for the first time (up close --- no nosebleed seats). Anyway, I've been reinventing some of my favorite songs by my favorite bands/musicians and posting them at message boards. Please don't expect greatness; nor don't think I can match the power and passion of Bono's voice, plus I can't really scream here in my apartment complex. Anyway, click on the link above to hear a cover of one of my favorite songs by the band, "Stay (Faraway So Close)." Please don't hate it, it's a home recording and I don't intend to fill the shoes of one of my heroes. This is just my take. Comment, email, or bash me (I wouldn't blame you).

James (automatic pilot)

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