Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"Down All The Days?"

Just noticed in my boot copy of 'U2 BBC Studios Sessions 2000'(taken from BBC Radio 10-23-00) that Bono unveiled a lyric or two that may have been taken from an unreleased song from the Achtung Baby recording sessions called, "Down All The Days". The snippet takes place after the final chords of "Beautiful Day" have been played. The whole studio is silent. Then, Bono sings:

I've been loving you for a long time
Down all these years
DOWN All The Days...

Anybody else with this recording catch this? I believe it's another example of Bono's continuing role as the "Mother Teresa of Abandoned Songs". I expect a good remainder of the unreleased stuff from the ATYCLB sessions to pop up as future B-Sides or possible tracks for the upcoming album. This band never throws anything away from their vaults...
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