celspi (celspi) wrote in u2,

Question about With or Without You?

I swear someone posted a link to a "With or Without You" mp3 from Tempe. I just can't find the post again. I think it was a few months ago. Anyway, the question is - is this version from the "Rattle and Hum" movie? Or is this from some concert on one of the tours? If it is from a tour, which one and date? All I know is that it is from "Tempe."

It's a brilliant version. Bono sings the hell out of it, and the music and vocals are just pure magic. It's a goosebumps experience. It kind of makes me sad since I think if they play "With or Without You," it should be full tilt like this, and not any other way.

Anyone can help me with information or point me somewhere that has it? Thanks in advance!
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