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U2 vs. NSYNC

You all would have been so proud of me.

I started an innocent conversation with a friend of the family about U2's live from boston DVD. I said something along the lines of "Popmart", "Elevation", and "Zoo TV" made NSYNCs current tours look like a flea circus. You should have seen it, she almost bit my head off, literally! And my family was with her! Any U2 fan, big or small, knows that *NSYNC's "No Strings Attached" and "Pop" tours were small potatoes compared to the mosterous Zoo TV and Popmart.

So I checked it out, online. And I had the Zoo TV from Sydney video firm in hand, and I found plenty of evidence from the box alone: 157 shows, 4 million people, 52 trucks, 36 video screens, 1200 tons of equiptment, 1 million watts, and enough power to run 2000 homes.Then I showed her clips of Zoo TV and Popmart, and she was speechless. Also, online, it showed that Elevation bested every *NSYNC tour... ever.

Its great being right, but sticking up for U2 and being right made me feel really cool! Rock on!
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