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sign letter to Make Poverty History today!

ONE month from today, on July 6th, President Bush will join the leaders of the world's eight richest nations for a three-day Group of 8, or "G8" summit in Scotland. At this historic meeting, these eight men will have the power to save the lives of millions of people who live in extreme poverty. And YOU can help make this happen.

President Bush needs to hear that Americans strongly support bold leadership on this issue. And thanks to you, the nearly one million people who've signed the ONE Declaration, we have the numbers to show our leaders where America stands.

Today we're asking you to sign a letter to President Bush, asking him to deliver an essential and historic plan for thethe world's poor at the G8 summit this year. Take a few moments now, and sign the letter today.

The letter asks President Bush to support the following at the G8:

1. America will allocate an additional 1% of the federal budget to fight global poverty and AIDS (Currently we spend far less than one percent);
2. America will support canceling the overwhelming debts of the world's poorest countries;
3. America will reform trade rules that make it impossible for the poorest countries to help themselves.

We, the people who have signed the ONE Declaration, are both left and right, conservative and liberal. We represent every state, different ages, many religions and all walks of life. Together as ONE, we all believe that no child deserves to starve in a world of plenty, that AIDS can and must be stopped, and that America should reach out to help the poorest people on Earth.

Thank you,
The ONE Campaign

P.S.- Please help us build momentum leading up the G8 by asking your friends, family and co-workers to sign the ONE Declaration AND add their voice to the letter to President Bush. Click here and ask your friends to join ONE.

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