Bridgie (starlightm42) wrote in u2,

Some Irish Gaelic 101

For those of you who are going to the Dublin shows (hope this works!):

403K 1:54
“Bridget: Hi! I thought I would, uh, do a little "Gaelic 101" for those of you who are going to Dublin, and for those of you who are not, it would be a great way to waste some time. Uh, so here we go. Uh, first phrase:

Dia duit. (DJEE-uh weet) -- and that means "Good day."

Is mise Brìd. (eesh MEE-shuh breedge) -- My name is Bridget. [Actually it more literally means "I AM, not "my name is."]

Conas atá tú? (COH-nas ah-TAH too) -- How are you?

Tá mé go maith. Agus tú féin? (Tah may go MOY. AH-guhs too hen?)

Tá mé ólta! (Tah may OLE-tah) -- I am very drunk!

Tá sé fliuch in Dubh Linn. (Tah shay fyuh een doobve leen) -- It is wet in Dublin.

Gabh mo leithscéal, cá bhfuil Bono? (Guh muh LESH-cuhl, cah wuhl Bono?) -- Excuse me, where is Bono?

Tá sé ina luí. Tá sé póit air. (Tah shay innah gnlu-ee. Tah shay POH-it air.)

Tóg go bóg é! (Tohg guh boh eh) -- Take it easy!

Hmmm, let's try...

Cá bhfuil an pub? (Cah wuhl ahn poob?) -- Where is the pub?

...That's a useful one! Oh, here's a useful one:

Ba mhaith liom pionta Guinness, le do thoil. (Bah WAH lyuhm pyuhnta Gih-ness, leh duh hull) -- I'd like a pint of Guinness, please.

Go raibh maith agat! (Guh rubh MAH ah-gut.) -- Thank you!

Anois, focal leat! (Uh-NISH FOH-call laht) -- Now, fuck off!

[And...this last one, I messed up, lol. I said "Fáilte" (welcome) but I meant to say, "Sláinte" (cheers). "Sláinte" is pronounced like "SHLAN-tcheh." ...More or less. Depends on what dialect you're using. You'll hear some people say "SHLOYN-tcheh" too.]”

Transcribed by: starlightm42

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