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She's running to stand...... Still.

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Best Wishes

And here's even more exciting news -- U2Swisshome have reportedly cajoled the following information out of Universal Music Switzerland re: the release of The Best Of 1990-2000...
  • Release Date: Autumn 2002
  • There will be a new U2 single release before the album's release; there will also be a second new single in early 2003. (Whether these refer to totally new songs or reworked b-sides a la "Sweetest Thing" is unclear; either way, this is probably the "new material" being worked on as we speak according to
  • It will be released as a 2-CD deluxe set as well as a 1-CD edition.
  • Tracklist is unknown.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your unhindered speculation. And thanks again to @U2 for translating U2Swisshome's info into a language we can understand. ;-D
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