THE Emmy (oh yeah.) (slave2thelaw) wrote in u2,
THE Emmy (oh yeah.)

Probably been covered before but...

Hiya! I've got a question...

I've never been GA at a U2 show. Every time I've gone, I've always had seats. I got some more U2 tickets for another show this year since I thought Seattle rocked so much and I got GA tickets with the hopes being really close to the stage. I'm planning on getting to our venue really, really early, but can anyone who feels like bestowing some information on me let me know just what exactly happens after you show up and park yourself ready to camp out all day in the name of U2 because you want to try to be one of first in? Wristbands? Numbers? Places in line? When the venue opens do people just BOLT for the stage? This is foreign to me, so I'd love it if you GA-going people with the experience could fill me in. I know about how the upgrade to the center goes down, but not anything else. I'm so excited for this one! It'll be totally different!

Thanks so much!
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