F-bomb (_palepurple) wrote in u2,

An interesting U2 story...

I intern as a reporter with the News-Times, a newspaper in Danbury, CT, and one of the people I recently interviewed was a writer from Danbury, David Tatge, who just released his very first novel. What was cool about him was his love for music (he has a room devoted to his guitars, and owns about 1300 CDs) and also, his love for U2.
In his book he sort of adds music to the chapters. Before each one he puts what song he thinks should be playing at that time in the story. Apparently Chapter 1 should be read with "Bad" playing :)

He was pretty cool, and a little bummed that he couldn't get tickets to any of the May shows (as were many people, haha).

The book isn't really that relevant to U2 after that (and one line) but it's still a cute story. It's called "Playing by Ear" if anyone's interested.

A line from the second page:
"Running to stand still. You said it, Bono."

:) I love U2 references.
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