burning star (splishysplashy) wrote in u2,
burning star

Manchester gig!

I was there last night and it was SO AMAZING! I'd never seen them live before and it didn't disappoint, even the rain stayed off for us and we had great seats, front row in the top tier right near the stage! Ah my God I can't stop thinking about it, I was hyper ages afterwards lol! It was just brilliant, the best gig I have ever been to in my life and I wish I could go again, lol!

I don't have an actual ordered setlist cause I only wrote songs from memory this morning on the train home but I'll stick what I can remember under the cut and hope I don't forget any!

I Will Follow
Electric Co
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet the Blue Sky
Running to Stand Still
City of Blinding Lights
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It ...
Where The Streets Have No Name
Love and Peace
With or Without You
All Because of You
Mysterious ways
Zoo Station
The Fly
Vertigo (again!)

Yes, Vertigo opened AND closed and it was absolutely brilliant. I was ecstatic to hear With or Without You as I'd obviously never seen that live before and adore it, it was very emotional as was One and SYCMIOYO. The Fly's another fave of mine and it certainly lived up to all my expectations live. Running to Stand Still as well, God I was so happy, I got all the songs I loved and it was just a fab experience!

Just sad that the T-shirts weren't the ones I'd seen online, I wanted one of those. I got a poster though!

Ah I'm so ill now but it was well worth it! Sorry for the uselessness of my post/setlisty thing but I hope someone else got it in order! They did 2 encores!

Love Kat x

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