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This article appeared in The Australian newspaper on Tuesday this week (the 14th) about Bono and Bob Geldof and their campaign for debt cancellation. I was unimpressed by the reverting to pulling of the "popstar" drawcard for one, and the fact that neither the DATA, One or Make Poverty History campaigns were even named, let alone their opinions or goals made known. Suggesting that either were in support of the violent group of anarchistic protesters who appear at each G8 conference was even more offensive.

And although I'm willing to be further educated on the issue, so correct me if I'm mistaken - but considering that the WTO and the World Bank were in charge of distributing the money lent to African countries in the first place, how is it that they are the ones who are fixing it "silently"? However, there are some salient points about democracy and the fiscal dangers of debt forgiveness that I agree with, but they don't link with the opening gambit of Bono and co. apparently not understanding the consequences of debt relief, so figure that one out. :-?

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Here's the article scanned in full.

14/6/05 - The Australian - "BEATING WRONG DRUMS"

Discuss at will! I'd like to know what people think.

On a completely facetious note, however - the caricature that accompanied the article amused me because not only did they draw Bono slightly taller than Bob, but they made him quite svelte too. I suppose Bono can be pleased about one thing in that article, at least. :))

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