Bridgie (starlightm42) wrote in u2,

First U2 shirt!!

My first U2 t-shirt EVAR!!

In case anyone was wondering about the shirts on the site...I was, because you can't see the actual shirts when you go to the fanfire site to buy them; you just get some graphics. And I'm reeally picky about how things fit and feel, and materials/textures and stuff. But I'm happy to report that I really like it a lot -- it's perfect! Here are the specs:

The sizes DEFINITELY run small -- I am 5'2", 114lbs, and...because it's relevant, here, 34-B, lol. (Sorry to any guys here who didn't want that info lol). I am usually a size small in babydoll t-shirts, but I went with a medium to be on the safe side and it is just right.

The material is very nice -- not too thin, not too thick, and the knit is fine, which is what I like. Makes it softer. :)

It's LONG, which I also love. Too many babydoll T's are always WAY too short (and usually shrink to become even shorter) and what happens is, they ride up and show your midrift, especially when you bend over. Now, while I'm young and that doesn't bother me per se, it can make it difficult to wear those shirts to work or anywhere else where there might be a dresscode, or where I simply feel it would be inappropriate to show midrift. But also, it is just uncomfortable for me when shirts ride up like that. It makes me paranoid that someone will see my underpants sticking out, as I often wear pants that ride low on my hips (more comfortable that way because I have a short torso)...or worse, my white Irish buttcrack! (:-O

Whatever paint they use for the heart is kinda shimmery/'s cool! :)

So yeah...thumbs up on this t-shirt! Yay for merch. ;)
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