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Drinking from the poison stream

I was listening to Running To Stand Still the other night, and just sort of closing my eyes and visualizing it, it really is a fairly visual song.
When it got to the part with the poison stream, I pictured a stream flowing through a field. All of the vegitation was dull and dry and half-dead. Sort of desolate.
The stream was sort of rainbowy coloured. It looked like the only thing alive in the whole image. But looks can be decieving. The water is poison.
Now, the more I thought of this, I started thinking I wanted to find a photo of a stream and manipulate it to look as I pictured it in my head.
So I went over to Getty Images to look for the perfect photo. And I found something even better. A photo of a woman lying unconscious on a rock, jutting out into a stream, with her left arm extended.

I immediately saw the possibilities, and began working on the photo. Everything fell together, and this is what I ended up with:

I'm not really happy with the way the water turned out, but I really got sick of messing with it. I think I did good putting the bruise on her arm though.

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