Rich (scaryrich) wrote in u2,

it was a cool C35° on a sunday afternoon in london...

people were sweating, ladies were wearing not alot, and a dangerous vision was unavoidable; the topless english male.

after getting over the slight dissapointment of being strapped with a yellow wristband rather than the holy orange variety, the 3 northampton travellers entered the stadium of twickenham, to be welcomed by a little sweaty scottish man from the band idlewild singing his heart out.

A casual look around, a beer or two later, and another band (not as sweaty, but with noticeable moistness) from Northern Ireland, Ash (from gran turismo on playstation fame) decided to play some tunes.

It was all a jolly affair.

also u2 played. it was good.

it's the morning after, and i have just got a text from bono!
there is something insanely cool about getting a sms from 'Bono' even if it did go to thousands of others too.
"thanks 4 ur text - i'll pass it to tony blair as part of our call to make poverty history. Visit to get involved now."

txt spk, urgh!

last night at twickenham was excellent. Just looking at my camera now, all my photos are fuzzy, useless ! i tried to keep it as still as i could dammit.

My shitty, shitty photos

I love the setup, twickenham seemed more relaxed than manchester, I was able to get closer to the front, and wasnt all crushed by others around me.

The video display they have is excellent, they didnt seem to use it as much as at manchester. I did see 2 video cameras within the lighting scafolding so hopefully its all been recorded. Vertigo 2005 Twickenham DVD perhaps...

when bono started singing bits of walk on for Aung San Suu Kyi, i really wanted the whole thing. but hey, he did his best bless him :)

I hope others who went had some better photos

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