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Best Guitar Performance (Second in a Series)

Last week I started off by asking everyone what they thought was Larry's best performance on the drums. I expect debate to get much more heated on this question:

Which U2 song is The Edge's best performance on guitar?

This is a hard one for me because Edge is unique amongst rock n' roll axemen. He's not a Guitar God in the traditional mould of Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix. On the contrary, what makes him unique is his ability to hold back on guitar when the song calls for it (e.g. Please), while also driving a song with power chords when appropriate (e.g. All Because of You). I once read that for The Edge, a guitar note is very expensive, and so he uses them only when necessary, hence the rarity of face-melting guitar solos in U2's catalog.

So my choice...

Until the End of the World

One simple reason: I can play a good chunk of U2's catalog on guitar, and this song is the most fun to play of any of them!

Honourable Mentions:

With or Without You
The Fly
Bullet the Blue Sky
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