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European tour

Anyone here going any of the shows left on the second leg of the tour?

If so could you do me one huge favour?! I'd love you forever.

Anyway my favour is, could you get me a shirt? I can send money on Friday (next week, the 1st) via PayPal to make sure it gets to you. Or I could send it after you get the shirt so that way you get the full amount due to the currency change. Or I can get you something from the Portland show.

This would mean a lot. Any shirt would do (except the grey one with black shadow U2) I'd like the black one with either the big V behind the band or the one with the square picture. Please let me know, this would mean so much.


Also, I read somewhere but can't remember where or what the answer to the question was, but does anyone know why Bono wears sunglasses all the time? I know it has something to do with his eyes, but I can't remember anything else.

Also! Thanks to everyone who helped me with information on Norman, I just got the Bono in conversation book and he says the Norman is 7 years is elder. So I just thought I'd clear up the age thing.
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