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Best Vocal Performance (Thrid in a series)

Continuing with my series asking for best performances by each band member, we're going to tackle our favorite lead singer's vocal skills...

Which U2 song is Bono's best vocal performance?

**Note**This discussion focuses purely on Bono's skills as a singer, not the quality of his lyrics. There will be another question respecting Bono's skill as a lyricist later.

The interesting think about Mr. Bono Vox (latin for "Great Voice" of course) is that while he can't hold notes like he used to, he has become a much more skilled vocalist. He developed a falsetto in the 90's to offset the fact that he wouldn't be able to belt out high notes like he did on Unforgettable Fire and War forever. While he has become a better singer over the years, the energy of Bono's voice in the early-mid 80's is part of what propelled U2 to stardom. I remember seeing a behind-the-scens clip on the recording of Pride, and Bono is just totally screaming at the top of his lungs, "In the naaaaaaaaaame of Love", and after that track is done, there's Brian Eno behind the glass sarcastically saying, "Ummm, I think we need a bit more energy from you Bono."

With all that said, my choice for Best Vocal Performance:

Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own

This is not a surprise, since the song is meant to be a tribute to his father and his capabilities as an opera singer. But I think it's the height of Bono's career as a singer. Just his voice alone sends shivers up your spine.

Honorable Mentions:

Stay (Faraway, So Close) (my personal fav)
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
All I Want is You
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