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Hi everybody. Remember me? I used to post large versions of my Achtoon paintings here, but after a few posts I stopped. Well, a month or two ago some people here asked me to post some more, and since I'm a teacher and it's summer vacation, I have plenty of time on my hands.

I think one of the main reasons I stopped doing this is...well, I lurk. It's fun to read the random comments people make about my cartoon when they think I'm not looking. Their comments are more genuine that way, and I'd like to thank everyone here who's said nice things about my work in the past. I still have other places where I can spy. So anyway, here's the new cartoon:

And behind the cut are

I painted all the difficult parts of this one at my boyfriend's house. Adam's skin had a peculiar greenish cast, and I felt weird painting it, but I like the way this Adam turned out. His face is always a blast to paint. Bono's pasty white face was a particular challenge. I realize this scene did not come from the Sydney video, but it's my absolute favorite MacPhisto picture ever so there.

This took about an hour. I just wanted to get the basics.

In case you were wondering why this month's Achtoon took forever to post, well, there are several reasons. One of them: Bun was sick! Long story short: she has a urinary infection, poor poor Bun. She's on the mend now. Painting Larry Mullen here was my coping mechanism of choice while I waited for the vet to call with Bun's test results.

Oh Pop Bono. I could have erased those pencil lines but chose not to, thinking maybe they made you look tougher.

Here at last is my Pop Edge, possibly my best Edge ever and one I'll probably end up framing. I spent hours on this. Like, a whole day. His guitars are always hard to paint, but this one was really bad because it's white on black, and when you paint with watercolor your white is the paper itself, so I had to paint around all the white stuff on the guitar and about went blind with the tiny. I also bought a new tube of rose madder in order to paint the pink light coming from the right.

Anyway. Hope you enjoy. :) I realize this is a discussion journal, not a graphics journal. Would you guys prefer it if I continue to post this stuff here, on the U2 LJ, or should those of you who want to see more friend me individually and I'd post them that way?
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