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From the @U2 blog......

Croke Park DVD?

I don't know if you've been piecing together the various articles that have come out regarding the Croke Park shows, but it's sounding more and more positive about a DVD release (like Slane). First, Solo Too recorded the shows. Second, Matt from Canada had to sign a release after being brought up on stage during Party Girl during Dublin 2. Third, Peter McKenna, Croke Park's Stadium Manager, told the Belfast Telegraph in regard to what the GAA is paying for and what U2 is paying for: "The band carry all of the costs for the clean-up, pitch cover, and the cost of gardai but we've been responsible for food and drink, DVD rights and a percentage of the merchandise."

It was confirmed by various sources at Interscope Records that the band will be releasing a comprehensive DVD box set towards Christmas with what is anticipated to include Popmart - Mexico City, ZooTV - Sydney, Under a Blood Red Sky, as part of the box set. It has been mentioned that the entirety of the Brooklyn MTV Jammed recording will also be a part of that boxed set. One would think that they may include Croke Park with this comprehensive boxed set. All I can say is - Mom & know what I want for Christmas!

HOLY SHIT! I guess they will release the Chicago dvd as a single release, which is fine with me. Exciting, Exciting, Exciting!

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