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Please let me know if this request is out of line, I've only been here a very little while and I'm still learning how this community works.

But --

A friend of mine was telling me about a video. A very NICE video she says, of a lovely handsome man we all admire, walking down a catwalk -- in a fashion show.

My friend raved about this clip. My friend told me this clip was a 'to be seen or die' clip, if you love/admire this handsome, shy man. My friend tells me this video is just too much fun not to see!

My friend then informs me that, while this video is very cool, very amazing, very much of a MUST SEE NOW!!!! video.....her hard drive died and ate her copy and she no longer has any idea where to FIND this video.

...but its still an OMGYOUMUSTSEETHISVIDEO video.

*is now feeling very despondent and bereft*

Please....can anyone here help me?

Apparently, as I am told, Larry Mullen took part in a fashion show in 2000 or there about, and there is/was a video clip of it on the net. I cannot find it on my P2P service and my friend doesn't have it anymore, and cannot suggest where to look now....

I'm really hoping that, amongst such U2 fans such as yourselves, there is someone who can either be amazingly kind and share this with me, or be amazingly kind and point me to where I can find it.....?


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