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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"The First Time" from Zooropa

Admittedly, I don't own Zooropa but I've heard it from The Best of 1990-2000. Also admittedly, I didn't care much for this song. TBO1990-2000 ended for me at "Numb". Digging through the "dump bin" (their words, not mine) at Wal-Mart, I found a copy of Million Dollar Hotel. It wasn't until I heard this song in it's sad opening that I really started to listen to it and enjoy it.
It's another slow, barely built up song, just like "One Step Closer". I guess dysprosium wins a cookie for guessing the song I had scheduled for today. :)
Bono takes the lead role in the song, letting his voice do the talking (Falsetto!Bono) and his lyrics do the explaining.
He gets me to sing about The Holy Ghost, Jesus and God without even realizing it. I suppose it's supposed to mean not giving in to anything, not even God if you finally feel love. Or it could be a song about refusing death. Either way, it's a cleverly disguised ode to love. Just like the movie. Awww.

Image hosted by I can't help but love the structure the guitar gives the entire song. Especially since the drums are in silent mode in this song and the bass is barely present.

// The First Time

I have a lover, a lover like no other
She got soul, soul, soul, sweet soul
And she teach me how to sing.

Shows me colours when there's none to see
Gives me hope when I can't believe
That for the first time I feel love.

I have a brother, when I'm a brother in need
I spend my whole time running
He spends his running after me.

I feel myself goin' down
I just call and he comes around.
But for the first time I feel love.

My father is a rich man, he wears a rich man's cloak.
He gave me the keys to his kingdom (coming)
Gave me a cup of gold.

He said "I have many mansions
And there are many rooms to see."
But I left by the back door
And I threw away the key
And I threw away the key.

For the first time, for the first time
For the first time, I feel love.

Favorite lines:
I spend my whole time running
He spends his running after me.

Yeah, I feel that way about Jesus too.

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