Amanda (feldsparkid) wrote in u2,

we must all start somewhere....

I apologize ahead of myself as this is a rather newbish question to ask, however, I have been feeling as if I were in a black hole. You see, I am the only person amongst my peers that is an avid fan of U2. Most of the people I ask my age know who the band is, and maybe can name a song or two, but none are actually fans. I'm 17 and have been listening to the band for almost five years now. I'm rather curious on the ages of other fans, and whether anyone lives in the Cincinnati, Oh, Cookeville, Tn, or Poplar Bluff, Mo area. It becomes rather tiresome when there is no one to discuss U2 with face to face. Online congregations such as this lj are okay, but I'm kinda new at them and much rather prefer live conversations. Anyway...

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