Nathan Summers (boog0r) wrote in u2,
Nathan Summers

Thoughts on the COBL video

I was watching VH1 on Monday, waiting for the girlfriend to get ready an drive me to the train, when i hit VH1. I immediately thought "Hey, I know those guys!"

This had been the second chance I've had to hear the Radio Edit of City of Blinding Lights. The edit makes me sad, a little. They cut out more than a minute from the album version, and you lose that build up feeling as well as that fade out feeling. Having seen them 4 times so far, and listened to HTDAAB umpteen million times, it just doesn't feel right. I grok the need, especially in the ADD-rich world of American Radio. But I still feel like it takes away from the grandeur of such a beautiful song.

Watching the video, I got angry in a selfish way. They were showing concert-like shots from all different perspectives (stage, bomb shelter, audience, Adam's awesomeness), and I just wanted to say "NO! That's OURS! Don't share it!" I wanted them all to myself, just like every other fan does.

Its a decent video for a great song, and it just makes me long for the Fall. I hate to take them away from our European brothers and sisters, but, dammit, I want them back over here.

"This is not a Spanish town! This is an Irish Town!"
~Bono, FleetCenter (Boston), 2005-05-24
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