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My brother e-mailed this to me just now, it's a running setlist for Live 8 London that he found on a Madonna fansite.

"This is the running order/set list for London's Live 8 - this list was based on the rehearsal yesterday and is of course subject to some change. It was published in most of the UK daily newspapers. Each artist is scheduled 15 minutes, although it is highly likely that times may overrun.

1 Paul McCartney & U2 (Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band) Approximately 2pm
2 U2 (One, Make it On Your Own, TBC)
3 Coldplay (In My Place, Fix You)
4 Richard Ashcroft (Bittersweet Symphony) Duet With Coldplay
5 Elton John (Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Bitch is Back)
6 Pete Docherty (Children of the Revolution) Duet With Elton John
7 Dido (Life for Rent, Thank You, White Flag)
8 Stereophonics (TBC)
9 REM (The One I Love, Imitation of Life, Everybody Hurts, Losing My Religion)
10 Ms Dynamite (Dy-na-mi-tee, Judgment Day, Redempiton Song)
11 Keane (Everybodys Changing, Somewhere)
12 Travis (Why Does It Always Rain on Me?, Sing, Turn)
13 Annie Lennox (Broken Glass, Sweet Dreams, Sisters)
14 UB40 (Food For Thought, Red Red Wine)
15 Snoop Dog (TBC)
16 Razorlight (Somewhere Else, Golden Touch, Vice)
17 Madonna (Like A Prayer, Music, Ray of Light)
18 Snow Patrol (Chocolate, Rain)
19 Joss Stone (I Had a Dream, Super Duper Love)
20 Scissor Sisters (Take Your Mama, Laura)
21 Velvet Revolver (TBC)
22 The Killers (Somebody Told Me, Mr Brightside)
23 Sting (Message in a Bottle, Desert Rose, Every Breath You Take)
24 Mariah Carey (Vision Of Love, Make it Happen)
25 Robbie Williams (Let Me Entertain You, Feel, Rock DJ)
26 The Who (Fooled Again, O Riley)
27 Pink Floyd (Money, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb)
28 Paul McCartney (Long and Winding Road)
29 Finale (Paul McCartney And Others) Approximately 8.45pm"

Looks like it's gonna be an awesome day. I can't wait! We're totally having a Live 8 party tomorrow ;P Like the geeks we are. Also, I totally figured U2 would be on early (and I've kept telling people that) as they also have a concert of their own tomorrow night.

Also, the site didn't say what time zones those times are from, so I have noooo idea.

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