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Newbie! :)

Hey all, I'm new. I'm Alana, but I go by the nickname of Nemo. I'm an 18 year old student who is looking to start a degree in music with instrumental/vocal teaching at Chichester University College in September and I'm bummed because I missed the televised performance of U2 at Live 8 due to being stuck working in Boots in Basingstoke were I happen to live. Much sadness ensues. :(

I've been a fan ever since "All That You can't Leave behind" and since then I have discovered that a few more of the songs I liked but could never put a finger on who wrote them, belonged to them too. Ever since "Stuck in a moment you can't get out of" was broadcast I've loved them and I'm hoping to get the chance to explore some of their older stuff too. I just fell in love with the emotion in their music and the sheer power they hold as a band who have been around for a very long time. Their music is pure genius. :)

My favourite U2 songs? Definitely "The ground beneath her feet", "City of blinding lights", "Stuck in a moment you can't get out of", "Walk on", "Sometimes you can't make it on your own" and "Miracle drug". Beautiful beautiful songs. :)

To those people out there who actually got to see them at Live 8, lucky bastards! :(
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