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U2 Cardiff review!

My Cardiff review, from Wednesday night, is quite long...

Hope you enjoy reading it. :)

After a nightmare journey to Cardiff, we parked in the park and ride, which was signposted on the M4, so we had no troubles… Just a bit of traffic around the Newport junction. Got the bus to the centre, and made our way to the stadium…there wasn’t many people at our gate (gate 1) so we didn’t have to wait long before getting in. I couldn’t believe how many people were there already! Looked at the merchandise for a bit, I got a programme, and a dark grey t-shirt with silhouettes of the boys on. I then worried if it would fit as the sizes were pretty tight as while I was waiting some woman exchanged hers for a men’s medium… But I didn’t like the men’s one cos it had all the tour dates on, the ladies one just had the print on the front and was quite plain really… I tried it on when I got home and the size I got fits me perfectly! I wore it to work the next day!

Well, I’m not really a fan of either support act, but watched anyway so not to lose places. They were ok, I preferred The Killers, but I only knew 2 songs of theirs, they were ok. So anyway… I was just there to see U2, and was really hyped about it cos it was my first time seeing them live! In fact, *so stupid* but I had been nervous about going all day, part excitement I think, I just get all excited and I can’t eat/sleep cos I’m so hyped up. Strange? Yes. ;)

Ok, so it started with Vertigo and I just couldn’t believe that U2 were right in front of me! Well not like RIGHT in front, but y’know. Vertigo is amazing live. There was a pause after this and then started I Will Follow which was totally rocking!!! So amazing! Next up was Electric Co, which I’m not such a huuuge fan of, but it was still cool.

By now I realised I wasn’t that impressed with the screens on either side. No. As I had some real tall people in front of me, I didn’t get a direct view of Bono, which majorly sucked. But hey. So I kept looking up at the screens in hope it’d flicker and I’d get to see him on there. I was on the left side, and the left screen had Edge and Larry (not that I’m complaining about thaaaaat!) and the right screen had Bono and Adam. And it didn’t change for ages. I’ve been to many Corrs concerts and their big screens change all the time with views of all the band members and whole stage, plus the extra guys in the band… It was kinda disappointing to 1, not be able to see Bono properly (damn tall people!) and also 2, that the big screens didn’t cater for the short people. :p

Anyway, next up was Elevation which Was. So. Cool. It started off with just Bono singing and gearing the crowd up, getting everyone singing along. I did a recording of this on my phone (quality is pretty craptastic) but it’s cool enough and a great memory! Elevation is one of my favourite songs so I’m glad it was in the set! And also, getting the whole audience “Oooooh-ooh-ooooh-ing”.

Next song was New Year's Day I loved this. Totally rocked. Beautiful Day started next and I do love this song too! I did another recording on the mobile. Next was I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For which has such a fantastic intro and was great. Surprise next, it was All I Want Is You and I love this song and I also love the Bellefire cover of it. Too cool.

Another favourite song was next: City Of Blinding Lights, and the backdrop for this was fantastic, all the lights glittering behind, really pretty. Really awesome. And then, Miracle Drug which was for all the nurses. Especially the nurses. And this comment reminded me of a Friends episode. *so inappropriate I know* Something Chandler or Joey had said in the past, some time ago now. But I’ll shut up about Friends.

The next song was Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own which Bono dedicated to his father and his fathers friend Ken. Don’t all hate me now, but I’m not a great fan of this song… I like it, yeah, but I can’t always listen to it, it doesn’t “grab me” like many other songs.

Love and Peace started next and Bono had this funky hat on and was all soldier-ish. Very cool, and it’s one of my favourite songs off HTDAAB anyway so I loved it. Towards the end of the song Bono went nuts on the drums, which was so freaking cool! And I just knew it’d be Sunday Bloody Sunday next. That ROCKED! So awesome. And Bono on the drums… *fans self* ;)

Bullet The Blue Sky was next and that was cool… Bono got a blindfold with “Coexist” written on, and blindfolded himself. That was amazing. Then Running To Stand Still… then was Pride, which I love… (Did some more mobile recording!)

Where The Streets Have No Name was next and that was great! I love this song and the build up to it is just fab and there’s nothing like hearing this song live! On the backdrop to this song was all kinds of flag and it reminded me of Madonna’s re-invention tour, she had a load of flags across the screens during some songs. Anyway, the song was amazing.

Next was One, which is so beautiful… Before the song started, Bono told the audience that if they had any life in their phones, to keep the backlights on so the audience would be like a night’s sky! He also requested that all the lights get shut off, but that didn’t happen! Boo. I took a picture of the audience with my phone:

Bono drifted into Unchained Melody at the end of One, which was also very beautiful and all I ever think about when I hear this song is the movie Ghost. I plan to watch that sometime soon now. The guys then left the stage.

Of course, the guys were back and started Zoo Station, so cool! Then, The Fly and then, With Or Without You and near the end he got some girl on the stage with him. Then once more, the guys left the stage… a lot of people around me started to leave but I didn’t think it was the end, so stayed put!

A few seconds later, the intro to All Because Of You began and wow, this was AMAZING!!! Oh my god, I love this song and everyone was bouncing to this! So fucking cool! Next was Yahweh, which toned the audience down a bit. We decided to head for the stairs now while everyone was standing still, so we’d be halfway out of there when it’d finish. (I had an instinct they’d do Vertigo last)… So we stood on the stairs to watch the last bit of the concert, and yes, Vertigo was the very last song, SO amazing. I recorded lots on my mobile, plus a few videos (which are shit quality!) and a once round the stadium at the entire crowd rocking out to the song. It was just the perfect end to the show. Amazing.

We then made our way through the swarms of people to the bus park and ride stop to get back to the car park. Got home around 2am cos of stupid traffic again. :p

Concert highs:

El-Uh-Vay-Shun!!! Oooooh-ooh-ooooh…
Build up to ’Streets
The mobile thing before One.
Oh, when Bono talked about how Edge is like St. Patrick, cos they stole him from Wales…Funny.
Bono on drums!!!
The speech about Aung San Suu Kyi.
City of Blinding lights, lights.
Probably lots more…

Concert lows:

Stupid people fighting near where I was… (Some of them got thrown out)
There was no BAD
That the stadium is such a shit to get to.
The big screens either side of the stage. (Though later in the concert, almost halfway, they showed more of each band member, not just one camera shot of the same one.)
Oh and that the platform Bono walks out on, should have been higher so short people like me can see. :p
Oh, and lets just add, the stage should have been higher too, so short people like me could see. (Joking…)

Also made some U2 banners... might reverse them and make my own U2 t-shirts, dunno yet... but here they are if anyone wants:

*goes to make U2 icons*

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  • *waves*

    If anybody out there is looking for somewhere to chat about U2 now the @U2 forum is gone... this place still exists. :p

  • U2 albums survey

    Posted on Zootopia a few months ago, posting again here in case anyone wants to steal it! - List U2's studio albums in whatever order you want and…

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