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Don't kill me.

I am of the school of thought that Bono can (practically) do no wrong. He could eat babies for lunch while scooping up field mice and bopping them on the head and I would be certain to defend him by saying that he probably had a really good reason, who are we to judge, end of story. I absolutely adore him, as most of us do. So here's where I fall from the path of the righteous.

I caught a repeat of his appearance on Meet the Press last week and I was particularly thrown by something...besides the little lump I get in my throat when he talks about saving the world. Was I the only one who wanted him to take his freakin' glasses off? I know, I know, it's his trademark and it shouldn't matter what he looks like because he could have had a bag over his head and it wouldn't take away from the importance of his words. I certainly don't doubt his veracity. Still, I sat there, listening intently, yet thinking to myself that the way he was leaning to the right and the fact that you couldn't see his eyes made him look, I don't know, distant.

Eh, maybe he was just protecting the world and Tim Russert from his mind-meltingly intense and passionate gaze with those overpriced Dolce & Gabbanas. Oo, look, I just found another defense! It's a sickness I tells ya!
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