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U2 in Poland

This from

"If you're headed to see U2 play in Poland on Tuesday, fans there have organized what could become a cool effect for the shows. Fans with GA tickets are being asked to bring something red -- bandanas, towels, T-shirts, etc. Fans with seated tickets are asked to bring something white. During the show, during "New Year's Day" in particular, they hope to hold these red and white items in the air to form an image of the Polish flag."

For those of you that aren't aware, New Year's Day was written for Lech Walesa, who started the Polish solidarity movement, was a key (if not the leading) figure in ending Communism in Poland, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. After the fall of Communism, Walesa was elected President of Poland.

As I said in a recent post, NYD is pretty good at getting the juices flowing at a typical U2 show. I can only imagine how positively mind-blowing it will be to watch it performed in Poland. That will be a sight to see. Sorry I'm going to miss it.
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