burning star (splishysplashy) wrote in u2,
burning star


Just something that has been cropping up lately that's annoying me, so felt I should share with the rest of the comm and glean some opinions! :)

Anyway in the press over here especially during and after Live 8, whenever Bono was mentioned or U2 were mentioned, it was kind of strange. They do this a lot, I find. It's often when they act as if Bono's the only member of the band. A particular example was during a TV quiz yesterday and the question was 'Who performed Sgt Pepper with Bono AND U2?' But Bono's IN U2! It should really have just said U2, they were all there and they provided the flippin' music! This isn't anything to do with the band, obviously, just the media and press. I just get slightly annoyed when they treat the other 3 as if they're just 'the band, U2' when they're just as important. Sure, there are times when Bono is highlighted more and of course he is the recognisable face of U2 to people who might not know them that well, but at events like that and stuff, I dunno, I feel the others get overlooked and it's a shame cause they all make the band!

As I said nothing to do with U2 themselves. Just wondered what everyone thought about this!

I feel better for getting it out there anyway, lol!
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