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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"An Cat Dubh" from Boy

At this point, I've heard this song once, and I'm in love with it. *plays it again*. There's something a little creepy about the notes Edge plays along with the constant bass music Adam provides.
Even creepier when the xylophone starts. The music is just looming over your head. I can't really understand what Bono is saying in this song, so I leave it up to the lyrics to tell me exactly what he's talking about.
I think I read somewhere that he wrote the lyrics about Ali in the early days of their relationship?

FYI: An Cat Dubh is Gaelic for "black cat". (And yes I knew this before I heard the song...)
Image hosted by Cause you know what it very strangely reminds me of...Flash movie: Litterbox

// An Cat Dubh

Say goodnight
She waits for me to turn out the light
Really still
She waits to break my will.

Yes, and I know the truth about you.
She cat.
And in the daylight
A blackbird makes a violent sight
And when she is done
She sleeps beside the one

Yes, and I know the truth about you
She cat.

Yes, and I know the truth about you
She cat.

Is Bono growling mid-song?
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